Blind date to blinding love for Harry and Meghan

Blind date to blinding love for Harry and Meghan

For the past few weeks, millions of column inches in newspapers and magazines all over the world have been dedicated to one very special couple: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And one question is still remaining.. Where exactly did a royal prince and a Hollywood actress have the opportunity to meet?

Well, thankfully for those of us who are dying for all the juicy gossip we can get on the couple, the story of how Harry and Meghan first came to connect with one another is one that has been recently revealed. Like so many other couples around the world, the prince and the actress met thanks to a blind date!

The pair met last summer after being encouraged to get together by a mutual friend, a friend who clearly had the perfect vision for what both Harry and Meghan were looking for in a future partner. As told by the prince himself, the romantic feelings started to develop almost immediately, and after their first meeting in the USA, Harry and Meghan followed up with two back-to-back dates back in London.

Not one to waste any time, Harry then asked Meghan to accompany him to Botswana three or four weeks later, something to which she agreed and they reportedly camped underneath the stars, cementing their love for one another even at this early stage.


In an unusual turn of events, Ms. Markle admitted to not knowing much about Prince Harry before agreeing to go on that first blind date with him, only having a very limited idea of how the British Royal Family lived and what they were like in real life. According to Meghan herself, the only question she had for her mutual friend was a simple one, "is he nice?". Clearly, the friend said yes, and the rest, as we have come to see, and with plenty more to come, is history!