Harrison Ford rescues woman from car crash

Harrison Ford rescues woman from car crash

Famous and beloved Star wars, Blade Runner and Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford was spotted assisting victims of a car accident in Santa Paula on Sunday, after a car came veering of the road wildly.


Details were given by Matt Alonzo, Senior officer of the Santa Paula Police Department, describing a dramatic accident on Highway 126, resulting in a sedan tumbling off the road and crashing into a nearby tree.

With assistance, Ford and other local heroes finally were able to pull the frightened female driver from her vehicle, sustaining only minor injuries. Ford drawn from his previous roles of Indiana Jones and Han Solo, became a real life hero as he didn’t hesitate to assist someone in need.


Ford reportedly stayed with the shaken up woman until the emergency services arrived and gave her a check-up and treated the minor wounds she had sustained in the collision.
This isn’t the first time Ford has put himself out to assist his fellow drivers, as he was reportedly directing traffic in a New York City tunnel in Manhattan, until order could be restored. Ford, you’re our hero on the big screen and on the streets, we don’t deserve you.