Where are the contestants of Indian Idols these days?

Where are the contestants of Indian Idols these days?

The mega reality show in the history of Indian Television, Indian Idol is now heading towards its tenth season. But where are all those previous crooners who set the stage on fire? What are they up to nowadays, let’s find out.

The mega reality show in the history of Indian Television, Indian Idol is now heading towards its tenth season. But where are all those previous crooners who set the stage on fire? What are they up to nowadays, let’s find out.

1. Abhijeet Sawant

Remember Abhijeet Sawant, the first Indian Idol winner in 2005, grabbed the attention of many music lovers across the nation. His journey went on to win the third position in Asian Idol and second position in other Indian reality show namely ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar’. He also co-hosted Indian Idol Season-5 and tried his hand in acting but couldn’t go a long way.

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2. Abhijeet Sawant

Apart from playback singing in Bollywood, he is an active member of Shiva Sena party. He is now planning to start his own reality show but on digital platform. He is all set to release his own compositions and compilations with other singers on his own YouTube channel.

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3. Monali Thakur

Another music enthusiast, Monali Thakur was the contestant of Indian Idol season-2. She was placed at ninth position in the contest. Most of the judges of the show like Sonu Nigam, Farah Khan and Anu Malik were highly impressed by her singing style. She comes from a musical background family and prior to Indian Idol, she used to act in Bengali serial as a child artist. Indian Idol gave her the perfect platform to showcase her unique talent to nation.

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4. Monali Thakur

She is perhaps the most successful contestant in comparison with other contestants. Post Indian Idol she had to struggle to carve a niche in Indian music industry. She has a long list of hit numbers that she belted out for Bollywood. She is the recipient of National Film Award and Filmfare Award. She also judges the reality show ‘Rising Star’. Now a days she is dating Meiyang Chang, another Indian Idol finalist.

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5. Meiyang Chang

Meiyang Chang, an Indian dentist but Chinese descent, was the contestant of Indian Idol season-3. Though he didn’t win it, however he reached in top 5 and became a heart throb of the nation. He could win the hearts of the judges by his singing talent as well as millions of girls by his cute, innocent smile. Later, he hosted Indian Idol 4 and 5 successfully.

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6. Meiyang Chang

Currently he is an established singer, anchor and actor. Apart from singing, he hosts a couple of TV shows and live events. He also tried his hand in acting and got recognition. In just a short span of his career, Chang has created a wide fan following. Girls all over the country have been admiring his good looks, melodious voice and a personality that can kill.

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7. Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar was a student of class 11 when she took part in Indian Idol 2. After being eliminated from Indian Idol 2 due to low votes that she got from the audience, she didn’t look back and kept struggling hard to make a mark in the Bollywood industry. Finally, in 2008, she launched her album with meet brothers and rocked the stage of Indian pop singers.

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8. Neha Kakkar

She turned out to be the most popular Indian Idol among all the Sony TV Indian Idol winners and contestants. She has belted out a number of chartbusters for the Indian film industry and got huge success. She has also appeared in some comedy shows and as guest judge in reality shows. She is now being considered as the future judge for the next Indian Idol season.

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9. Bhoomi Trivedi

Before: Her story can be described as the best example of the maxim, “where there is a will, there is a way”. She was not new to Indian Idol when she got selected for the season 5. She had auditioned for the show twice – Indian Idol 3 and 4 and even got selected. However she had to quit the show due to illness and some personal issue. She not only got huge accolades from the judges of the show for her performances but also ended up as a runner up in the grand finale.

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10. Bhoomi Trivedi

She is now an established singing star of the Indian film industry. She has got huge recognition for the song, “Ram chahe Leela..” and got nominations and award for the same song.

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11. N. C. Karunya

Due to lack of votes, Karunya won the first runner up in Indian Idol season 2. He gained popularity over there because of his unique singing style and performance. He got many accolades from the judges during the show for his versatility. Being able to sing in various languages made him a well known face amongst Indian music lovers.

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12. N. C. Karunya

N. C. Karunya is now a popular Indian playback singer, stage performer, Youtuber, songwriter and a TV show host. Post Indian Idol he became a popular recording artiste by singing for more than 200 projects in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali. He has his own Youtube channel whereby he releases singles composed, written and arranged by him. He has received numerous awards from the media and government organisations for his songs in movies, telefilms and daily soaps. He is also known for his energetic on-stage persona and for his linguistic skills as a TV show host.

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13. Nakash Aziz

Nakash Aziz was the contestant of Indian idol season 2. In spite of being voted out from the show he never gave up. He struggled to carve a niche in Indian music industry for himself. His determination, hard work and will power brought him a huge success.

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14. Nakash Aziz

He is now an iconic face in Indian music industry. He completely transformed himself into a new Avatar. He belted out many chartbusters and hit numbers. He is now a well known playback singer and composer in Bollywood.

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15. Sourabhee Debbarma

She participated in Indian Idol season 4 and won the contest. She became the first female winner of this great show. Sourabhee crooned her way to win the finals defeating Kapil Thapa of Dehradun and Torsha Sarkar of West Bengal to realise the Indian Idol dream.

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16. Sourabhee Debbarma

She is now a singer, performer and entertainer who loves to perform live concerts and have performed across the country and abroad like Hong Kong, Nigeria, Durban, New York City, London, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Nepal. She is also the record holder of Guinness World Records for singing non-stop suspended upside down for 4:30 minutes.

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17. Sreerama Chandra Mynampati

He won the Indian Idol crown for season 5. Sreerama was the first person from South India to win Indian Idol. He has won many awards since winning indian Idol. He is a prominent singer down south and has also done playback singing for Bollywood. He also tried his luck in Tolywood movies.

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18. Sreerama Chandra Mynampati

He is now an established Telugu singer and actor. He also sings for Bollywood. The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has honoured him with the Lata Mangeshkar Award along with a cash award of Rs. 1 lakh for his contribution to the Telugu movies.

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19. Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya was a contestant on Indian Idol season 1 and finished third. His cute looks and mesmerizing voice made girls go weak in knees. Not only the audience, but the complete industry admired this man with iconic smile and voice. After Indian Idol he released his album which did not work for him. He did playback singing for films but his career did not take off.

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20. Rahul Vaidya

The handsome guy is known to be quite a ladies’ man. At present he hosts some TV shows now and then. He is no more popular like earlier. He did playback singing for films but his career did not take off.

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21. Prashant Tamang

Prashant Tamang is the winner of Indian Idol season 3. Before contesting for the Indian Idol, he was part of the Kolkata police force and also part of its orchestra. He received mixed comments from judges for his performances. He is the only contestant to have never been in the bottom three or four of the gala round. He made it to the top two of Indian Idol 3 along with closest competitor, Amit Paul.

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22. Prashant Tamang

After winning Indian Idol, he launched his maiden album Dhanyavad (meaning "Thank You") and toured all over the world performing in concerts. He became popular and got recognition nationwide. He is now a successful actor and singer in Nepal.

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23. Antara Mitra

Antara is a former Indian Idol 2 contestant. Mitra received good comments from the judges for her performance and made it through to the finals with the most votes. Though she reached the top five but got eliminated. She had to struggle for almost 9 years to establish herself in film industry.

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24. Antara Mitra

After elimination from the contest, she gave stage performances all over India, Africa and Europe. She got some offers for playback singing from established music composers but couldn’t make a mark. She worked hard and came to limelight after the release of her duets Gerua and Janam Janam with Arijit Singh. She is now a well known face of Indian music industry and busy with her singing offers.

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25. Aditi Paul

She used to lend her voice for Ad jingles before preparing for Indian Idol. She competed in the Indian Idol season 1 contest and ranked sixth among all other contestants. Her mesmerising voice won the hearts of many and she turned out to be one of the most popular Indian Idol contestants.

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26. Aditi Paul

Her participation on the reality show caused her to receive opportunities to perform live as well as helped her break into the world of playback singing. Her professional career as an artist took off when her voice was recognised by many music directors who signed her for various musical contracts. She is now a popular singer of Bollywood.

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27. Meenal Jain

Before being auditioned for Indian Idol season 2, she was a TV personality anchoring musical programme. She was among the top six finalists and later voted out. After being famous on the show, she launched her solo album ‘Mehram’ that was successful. She also performed in stage shows in India and abroad.

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28. Meenal Jain

Her remarkable performances in 'Indian Idol 2’ set a milestone in her singing career. At present, she is an Indian television actress, voice artist, singer & playback singer who known for her singing in Bollywood films. Her singing career also revolves around the Indian TV where she lends her voice for TV shows and commercials.

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29. Amit Sana

Amit Sana was declared the first runner up of Indian Idol Season 1, considered the closest competitor of Abhijeet Sawant (the winner). Though he couldn’t win the title of the first season of Indian Idol, he managed to won the hearts of millions through his melodious voice. Singing is his passion and he proved it by his outstanding performances.

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30. Amit Sana

It’s been almost 12 years now but unfortunately Amit Sana is missing from the television. Despite of earning so much popularity, Sana’s singing career could not pace up. Currently he is mostly doing stage shows in India and abroad. He is still waiting for his turn to sing in Bollywood.

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31. Amit Paul

Amit Paul participated in the third season of Indian Idol.  After being eliminated, he was brought back as a wild card entry. He was ultimately beaten by Prashant Tamang. He was the heart-throb of the nation whilst on the show and have had immense support and love from across the globe. His popularity was so high that he was honoured with the title of brand ambassador of peace of Meghalaya (his native place).

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32. Amit Paul

Post Indian Idol, Amit has performed worldwide in a number of concerts and sung a chartbuster for the movie ‘Luck By Chance’. Several of his songs are under production. Alongside music, Amit has his own business in various sectors and is a socialite in the Northeast. He is an active member of various social enterprises and supports causes such as children's education, disabled children and women empowerment. He has done many charity shows to support the underprivileged at home and abroad. He takes part in many social events and has always been the crowd's favourite.

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33. L V Revanth

Revanth is the winner of Indian Idol season 9. He was not a new comer to singing world. He had already earned popularity in South Indian music industry as a singer. Giving up on many Telugu projects, the singer made way to his dream to become Indian Idol. One of the most loved contestants on the show, LV Revanth has survived all challenges on Indian Idol Season 9 and emerged as one of the finalists and won the title.

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34. L V Revanth

Post Indian idol, the south Indian playback singer has found his entry into Bollywood with the prize of a music album with Sony Music. His performance has also brought him recognition among Bollywood stars. After making a mark in the South film industry, he now wants to earn fame in Bollywood as playback singer.

L V Revanth Lovely Telugu

35. Khuda Baksh

Khuda Baksh is among the top 3 contestants in the singing reality show Indian Idol 9. He stood as the first runner up and won a million hearts with his magical voice and humility. His journey on the show has been exemplary as he managed to win the hearts of the judges and the audience overtime.

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36. Khuda Baksh

Now this young man is all set to conquer Bollywood now. Known for his versatile singing, he is working hard to revive Punjabi folk music and culture. He has got some offers from music composers and is trying his luck in Indian film industry.

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37. Maalavika Sundar

She is the second runner up in Indian Idol season 9. Before joining Indian idol, she was not new to the world of professional singing. She is a trained Carnatic Singer. She became the judges’ as well as audience’s favourite singer by giving remarkable performances during the show.

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38. Maalavika Sundar

She has already belted out for many south Indian songs and been awarded as Best Playback Singer for the year 2005 - 2006. After making a mark with a Tamil and Carnatic music, she is now paying attention to Bollywood offers. She now wants to establish herself in Bollywood as playback singer.

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39. PVNS Rohit

Prior to participating in Indian Idol, Rohit used to post his singing videos on YouTube and had a huge fan following. He was among top 5 finalists of the show. Arguably one of the most amazing contestants on the show, Rohit has set the stage on fire with each episode. He stunned the judges several time with his sensational performances and powerful voice. He also became the first singer of this season who got the golden mic for the second time.

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40. PVNS Rohit

As of now, Rohit, who has sung quite a few songs for Tollywood movies, is looking for better exposure. Rohit has a unique desire to give his voice to every single native language of India. He wants to spread his wings as a professional playback singer in Bollywood and he is heading towards it.

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