Serena Williams felt like a "Princess and Superwoman" in her wedding dress

Serena Williams felt like a "Princess and Superwoman" in her wedding dress

You're used to see Serena Williams in her tennis whites, but she recently tied the knot and had plenty of praise to give to Anna Wintour of Vogue magazine for helping her pick out her wedding gown.

Her jaw dropping Alexander McQueen gown was designed by Sarah Burton and came about after Williams said she wanted a cape.

Once she had the dress on, Williams commented that it made her feel like a "princess and Superwoman all at once." Her new husband, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, enjoyed seeing his new wife decked out in the gown, as evidenced by the smile he wore all day long.

In keeping with her standard footwear choice, Williams chose to wear bedazzled Nike sneakers with her superwoman gown, saying, "comfort for this bride!" Since her princess dress was so big and fluffy, no one was the wiser to what she was wearing on her feet, though they sparkled in the just the right way for a celebrity wedding.

The wedding venue, the Contemporary Arts Centre in New Orleans, was the perfect backdrop for showcasing William's gown with a French ball theme, reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. The theme also paid homage to the fact that when the two met, Williams had never heard of Reddit and Ohanian had never watched Serena play tennis. The two had dinner together that day and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just before the wedding, Serena delivered the couple's first child, who appears in many of the photos captured on the big day. The couple says they are excited to start on this new chapter in their life and relationship. The day went smoothly, but Williams will never forget the way she looked and felt in her princess gown with a nice dose of Superwoman thrown in. Because that's what Serena is - Superwoman in a princess's body. And to prove it, she has already announced she will compete at the Australian Open in in January to try to retain the title she won in 2017, a title she has won on seven occasions.